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Networking Strategies, Tools and Engagement

Creating a networking strategy in preparation for applying to a job, internship, research experience or graduate school can come in many forms, shapes and sizes depending on your intended industry or professional experience. See below for support on the most common strategies to jump-start your networking experience.

Explore the networking strategy resources below. For more information, schedule an appointment with your school or college career center or Syracuse University Career Services team!


Many internships and jobs are found (directly or indirectly) through proactive networking. At events, programs and on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Firsthand, networking is a valuable professional resource. It is a way to meet and connect with people in your field, alumni and to gain different perspectives throughout your professional development journey.

Networking can come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter how you network, all networking has one thing in common — strategically growing mutually beneficial professional relationships. Effective networking includes attending guest lectures on campus, reaching out to industry professionals on LinkedIn or placing a call to a former supervisor.

From family members, community connections, professors, coworkers, to fellow members of clubs and organizations, you have more connections than you may realize.

When conducting your internship or job search, reach out to your network for industry insight, to forward your application to a hiring manager or to learn more about professional development opportunities.


Maximizing Your Network for Job Opportunities

In today’s job market, making connections matters—a lot! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to land great job opportunities effortlessly? It’s often because of their network.

Your network is like a circle of friends, serving as a vital …

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