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Student-Athlete Engagement

The Office of Student-Athlete Engagement utilizes a research-based framework that has been uniquely designed to meet the needs and expectations of our student-athletes. The framework is encased in diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure these principles are woven throughout all of our programming.

Red Bull Internships Guide: How to Get Your Professional Wings

Red Bull internships are opportunities to work at an iconic energy drink brand in departments like marketing and sales. Whether you’re interested in helping supply restaurants with Red Bull cans, working on Red Bull media events, or even becoming a …

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The Ultimate (Free) Career Test for Students

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If you’re trying to figure out what career is right for you, it can be hard to know where to start — especially if you don’t know much about different careers. You not only need to consider your skills, interests, …

Soft vs hard skills: Striking the right balance for success

Navigating a job market is like walking a tightrope these days, especially for freshers and enterprise customers on the hunt for early-career talent. 

On one side, you have you’ve got hard skills – those technical know-hows that make you a …

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College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Professional Development Technologies

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Find a career that aligns with your career interests, see current salary projects and identify skills you need to apply for that next job or internship.

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Firsthand Mentor Connections

Chris McCarthy

Firsthand Mentor
  • Designer National Hockey League
Meet Chris >

Karis Felton

Firsthand Mentor
  • Marketing Coordinator Laufer Group International
Meet Karis >

Eileen May-West

Firsthand Mentor
  • Program Director Wasatch Adaptive Sports
Meet Eileen >

Waqar Hussain

Firsthand Mentor
  • Founder & CEO Icon Pro Digital Solutions
Meet Waqar >

Stephanie Ricciardi

Firsthand Mentor
  • Senior Graphic Designer DICK'S Sporting Goods
Meet Stephanie >

Gary Ceder

Firsthand Mentor
  • Managing Director - Transaction Advisory Cushman & Wakefield
Meet Gary >

Nick Cicero

Firsthand Mentor
  • Investor Qonsent
Meet Nick >

Leah Davies

Firsthand Mentor
  • Director, Development and Communications American Heart Association
Meet Leah >