Career Everywhere in a distributed, decentralized career services model.

Interested in learning about Syracuse University’s career services model? Check out the latest Career Everywhere podcast featuring Adam Capozzi, Director of Career Services, Assessment and Student Success for our central career office as he emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and information sharing among the career centers and other stakeholders on campus.

In the episode, Adam also talks about:

🔶 What Syracuse’s decentralized career services model looks like (and why it’s set up that way)
🔶 How all the career centers across campus stay connected to each other and work together to engage more students
🔶 How they all work together to engage faculty and staff
🔶 How they use technology to support their collective engagement goals (including their new virtual Career Hub, powered by uConnect)
🔶 His advice for other career leaders looking to implement Career Everywhere in a decentralized model
🔶 And more

Watch, read, or listen to Adam’s episode here: Career Everywhere in a Decentralized Model

By Isabella Csemez
Isabella Csemez Administrative Specialist