Communication and Writing

Telling Stories That Stick

What makes a good story? Why do some stories stick with us while others are forgotten as soon as we hear them? In this course, award-winning entrepreneur, author, and activist Elisa Camahort Page teaches you the secrets to telling a story that sticks. Whether you’re trying to close a sale, presenting at a conference, or speaking to media outlets, the principles Elisa outlines can help you successfully accomplish your objectives. She covers the importance of tailoring your story to your specific audience, how to craft talking points that support the story you want to tell, how to master interviews so your messages come through, and more. Elisa also covers tactical aspects of presenting, from how to dress to what to do with your hands to managing verbal ticks or crutch words. Finally, she shows you how to measure the success of your messaging and use that to improve your messaging in the future.

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