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Startup Stories: Selling $100K of T-Shirts with No Inventory

There’s more than one way to make a lot of money designing and selling t-shirts. In this audio-only course, author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau shares the story of Benny Hsu, an app designer who split-tested his way to selling t-shirts using online advertising. Rather than screen-printing or holding an inventory, Benny uses the print-on-demand service Teespring to deliver shirts only when people buy a design. When starting out, Benny wondered where he would get customers, as he didn’t have an email list or an extensive social media following. Through constant split-testing and optimization, he identified ads that worked well and cut ads that didn’t. By the end of Benny’s year-long experiment, Teespring had paid him $152,996.34. Even with ad costs subtracted, he earned more than $100,000 in profit. After sharing Benny’s story, Chris offers useful resources and links related to this entrepreneurial case study.

Note: This course was created by Chris Guillebeau. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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