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Microsoft Azure Synapse for Developers

In today’s world, businesses are relying more and more on big data for their daily operations. This is a trend that is not likely to reverse. Azure Synapse is a great tool to handle all that data, as it blends big data analytics with data warehousing, offering organizations a way to store large amounts of incoming data for a reasonable cost. In this course, Nertil Poci shows you how to get up and running with Azure Synapse Analytics as your data warehouse in the cloud. He explains how to load, process and query data, and covers the benefits of Synapse Analytics, creating workspaces, processing data from storage, and loading data into dedicated SQL pools using different data loading tools and querying data. Along the way, he shares challenges that allow you to practice your new skills. If you’re ready to start building your data warehouse in the cloud, join Nertil in this course.

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