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Managing Conflict in a Remote Work Environment

All of us navigate workplaces full of competing interests, clashing personalities, limited time and resources, and fragile egos, which can result in conflict. Handling disagreements and tensions can be challenging when you’re in the same space as your coworkers, but it’s even more complicated when you’re working virtually. Whether you’re exchanging snarky emails, openly disagreeing on a video call, or wondering whether your colleague is giving you the silent treatment, it’s frustrating and sometimes painful. In this course, workplace expert Amy Gallo goes over how to handle conflicts in a virtual or hybrid work environment. Amy helps you understand remote conflict, avoid it when it’s not necessary, and address it effectively when it arises. She shows you how to plan your response, including when to respond and when to let it go. Plus, Amy walks you through following up after a remote conflict to mend relationships and build stronger relationships.

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