Communication and Writing

Evil by Design: Persuasion in UX

Design is communication. But a thoughtfully designed UI can do more than communicate options. It can also persuade users, nudging them down whatever path the designer had in mind. This persuasive power can be used for both good and nefarious purposes. In this course, based on his book Evil by Design, Chris Nodder discusses the ethical ramifications of persuasion in user experience design. Chris delves into the science of human behavior, the history of persuasive design, and how design can appeal to emotions. He explains different types of persuasive design and explores the limits of acceptable persuasion. Chris goes over several methods for influencing behavior patterns and shows you how to harness illogical reactions, create credibility, gain user commitment, and much more. Plus, Chris digs into how dark patterns differ from persuasive design and how to use persuasive design responsibly.

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