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Brand Design Foundations

Everyone knows the importance of great branding, but how do you build a brand from scratch? In this course, Sean Adams, professor of branding and brand identity at ArtCenter College of Design, explains branding as a process that successfully communicates a company’s unique message. Sean summarizes the history of branding, from the Stone Age through today. He explains what a brand is, the role of the designer, the elements of branding, and more. Then Sean dives into the strategy behind creating a successful brand, including research, interviews, problem solving, and presentation. Sean covers the parts that go into creating a visual identity system, then walks you through the process of creating those parts. Next, he goes over everything that goes into building the visual system, including a color palette, typography, images, patterns, and presentation. Finally, Sean explains what you will hand off to the client and offers some best practices on making handoffs go smoothly.

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