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Military Skills Translators

Find Civilian Careers That Match Your Military Experience

We’ve collected a number of skills translators into one place so that you can match your military skills to civilian jobs and to assess your transferable skills. 

O-Net occupational codes in O-Net can be used to conduct a military-occupational code (MOC) crosswalk based on jobs filled while serving in the military. The crosswalk is intended to identify civilian jobs that correspond to various military roles as well as occupational outlook, necessary education, licensures, credentials, and salary information. 

My Next Move for Veterans an O-Net based search engine, intended to help users link prior military experience (branch of service and military occupation code or title) to pertinent information needed to explore civilian careers and related training, including information to write resumes that highlight relevant civilian skills. a Military Skills Translator: Match Military Experience to Civilian Jobs

Why a Veteran is a great candidate!

Why a Veteran is a great job candidate!

There are loads of articles and research today that support the hiring of veterans and the value they bring to the civilian sector.  The bottom-line is this, veterans are highly skilled, and they bring many sought after competencies that employers seek today in their employees.  

Your transferable skills from your military experience include:

  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • leadershipperforming under pressure
  • ability to work with others from diverse backgrounds

Veterans’ possess skills and competences that meet the needs of today’s employers therefore making you a  viable candidate in today’s job market.