Veteran Career Services -Spring Event

Syracuse University Veteran Career Services is pleased to invite you to participate in this unique event exclusively for student veterans and employers. This exciting opportunity aims to engage Syracuse University student veterans to network with employers for job and internship opportunities. Join us for:

Student Veteran & Employer Networking Reception
Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 7 - 9:30 p.m.
The Genesee Grande Hotel (1060 E. Genesee St)
**Refreshments and hot hors d’oeuvres will be served**
Register here:

Why attend?
For employers, will have the opportunity to:
• Showcase your organization and employment opportunities to student veterans while achieving your veteran recruiting strategy;
• Meet veterans who are ready to bring their skills and experiences to your organization for meaningful and engaging job and internship opportunities;
• Connect with candidates who are skilled, disciplined, team players, and proven leaders.

For student veterans, your participation will provide you the opportunity to:
• Get to know companies that understand the importance of your transferable skills from the military such as problem solving, teamwork, leadership, and multi-tasking;
• Connect with employers who are actively seeking to recruit and hire veterans for  the value they bring to the civilian sector;
• Build your network and get connected with industry leaders to leverage your career goals.

Tips for Student to Succeed at a Networking Event:

Research the organizations and recent market events that impact the organizations in attendance you’d like to talk with

Prepare/practice your “elevator speech”
Networking is like everything else; the people who are prepared do the best
Short self-introduction ready to use in networking situations
Keep it to a few seconds and make it sound natural 2-3 key facts about you …. Name, education, work experience, experience

Dress for the event
Guys wear ironed khakis with a button up shirt and tie or sweater
Girls wear dress pants or skirt with a button up shirt or sweater
No sneakers or jeans

Put your best foot forward
Have business cards with you, not your resume
Be confident

During the session
Remember names – repetition & association
Ask open ended questions (what? how?)
Watch your non-verbal’s
Get a business card from anyone you talk to

Work the room
To join a conversation, walk up, listen for a few moments, and make a comment that does not change the topic
If the person you would like to meet is in the middle of a conversation, don’t interrupt Be aware of etiquette

Follow Up – Keep in touch
Be creative (ie- send a link to an article of interest, that pertains to your conversation)
Keep a record of your contacts
Take any leads a network contact gives you

Questions? E-Mail Jennifer Pluta at