Veteran Career Services Events

For current events for student veterans, please visit

Why attend student veteran events?
For employers, will have the opportunity to:
• Showcase your organization and employment opportunities to student veterans while achieving your veteran recruiting strategy;
• Meet veterans who are ready to bring their skills and experiences to your organization for meaningful and engaging job and internship opportunities;
• Connect with candidates who are skilled, disciplined, team players, and proven leaders.

For student veterans, your participation will provide you the opportunity to:
• Get to know companies that understand the importance of your transferable skills from the military such as problem solving, teamwork, leadership, and multi-tasking;
• Connect with employers who are actively seeking to recruit and hire veterans for  the value they bring to the civilian sector;
• Build your network and get connected with industry leaders to leverage your career goals.

Tips for Student to Succeed at a Networking Event:

Research the organizations and recent market events that impact the organizations in attendance you’d like to talk with

Prepare/practice your “elevator speech”
Networking is like everything else; the people who are prepared do the best
Short self-introduction ready to use in networking situations
Keep it to a few seconds and make it sound natural 2-3 key facts about you …. Name, education, work experience, experience

Dress for the event
Guys wear ironed khakis with a button up shirt and tie or sweater
Girls wear dress pants or skirt with a button up shirt or sweater
No sneakers or jeans

Put your best foot forward
Have business cards with you, not your resume
Be confident

During the session
Remember names – repetition & association
Ask open ended questions (what? how?)
Watch your non-verbal’s
Get a business card from anyone you talk to

Work the room
To join a conversation, walk up, listen for a few moments, and make a comment that does not change the topic
If the person you would like to meet is in the middle of a conversation, don’t interrupt Be aware of etiquette

Follow Up – Keep in touch
Be creative (ie- send a link to an article of interest, that pertains to your conversation)
Keep a record of your contacts
Take any leads a network contact gives you

Questions? E-Mail Jennifer Pluta at