Syracuse University

Undergraduate Students

Resume Examples

These examples of students’ resumes may give you some new ideas about how to set up your resume or what to include. Browse through a few different ones; there is no “right” resume, only a resume that is right for you.

  • Victoria is a double major in Economics and Political Science. The headings on her resume are tailored to highlight her strengths in policy, research, and leadership.  Click here to view a pdf of Victoria's resume.
  • Zachary is studying finance. His resume is organized with the headings on the left side of the page, which can work well visually in some cases.  Click here to view a pdf of Zachary's resume.
  • Nathan is majoring in Psychology and Child & Family Studies. He is also a field supervisor for SU Ambulance. He used horizontal lines in his resume to separate sections.  Click here to view a pdf of Nathan's resume.
  • Ethan is a Bioengineering major. His resume includes a section on relevant coursework to illustrate his areas of expertise.  Click here to view a pdf of Ethan's resume.
  • Carlos is double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Finance. He created a functional resume, which means that instead of listing each job or internship and then describing it, he created categories for skills that he wanted to highlight to employers.  Click here to view a pdf of Carlos' resume.