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What is ‘CuseConnect?

‘CuseConnect is a LinkedIn group open only to SU students and alumni. It offers students/alumni the opportunity to receive advice and gain insights from alumni who love SU as much as you do.

You can search through the members of the group to find and connect with alumni in your career field of interest for the purpose of networking and gathering information about careers.

As a group, SU alumni tend to be very giving and helpful to current students – and the alumni who join the ‘CuseConnect group are among the most helpful.  They have volunteered to assist SU students and fellow grads through the career exploration and job search processes.  These alumni work in many industries and they are located all over the world.

‘CuseConnect is not a job placement service.  Rather, it’s an opportunity for you to build your network of alumni contacts. Use ‘CuseConnect to gather information about employment trends, job functions, salary expectations, effective job/internship searches, and SU alumni career paths.  It’s also a great way to gain experience using LinkedIn.

Using ‘CuseConnect

To get started with ‘CuseConnect, you must build a LinkedIn profile. 

Once you build a LinkedIn profile, use the Groups Directory to search for and join ‘CuseConnect or simply click on this link.

Once your request to join has been accepted, you can start discussions within the group, search for job opportunities, and connect with the alumni you find.

Have questions? Contact Kim Brown, Alumni Programs Coordinator ( or 315-443-3616).