Your resume and cover letter should present your skills, experience, and knowledge briefly and effectively. Think of them as a way to introduce yourself to an employer in a brief time.
They should be tailored to the job or internship you are applying for and should highlight key skills and experiences and how they tie in with the position you want. 

A good resume and cover letter will land you interviews, and good interviews lead to jobs. Don't get passed over because of poor materials. 


Meet with a Career Counselor for a quick 15-minute session to have your resume and/or cover letter reviewed.
What we need from you: a paper copy of your resume, the cover letter and the job description of the position(s) you are applying to.

Tuesday & Wednesday: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Have more than your resume to discuss? Schedule a 30-minute session by calling us at (315) 443-3616. or scheduling an appointment on Handshake.

Not in ‘Cuse? No matter where you are, we’re available via email, phone and Skype.