Social media have impacted the way we approach the internship search and job hunt. When used properly, Twitter and LinkedIn can expand your network and ability to connect with employers.


More than 70% of employers do an online search of candidates during the application process. When a hiring manager Googles your name, make sure the content that pops up is professional. Here’s a good tip: if you wouldn’t want your grandparents seeing it, don’t post it.

Google yourself every once in a while to see what shows up about you in the results. Keep an eye on your security settings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Starting Point: BrandYourself.com—an online reputation tool, created by alumni, pushes your positive content up to the top of Google.


Your brand is your reputation. It’s how you want to be known. It’s combining who you are, what you do, and how you do it. As you develop your brand, think about your passions, values, strengths, skills, and attributes. What industry and professionals contacts do you want to develop? How do you want to convey yourself and what tools will you use?

Developing your brand is an ongoing process, and it’s important to keep it consistent on paper, in person, and online. Include blog, site, or portfolio links on your LinkedIn profile and resume if social media is relevant to the position.

Starting Point: Develop a robust LinkedIn profile, build a presence on Twitter, start blogging, build an online portfolio (you don’t have to do it all). We can help you develop tools that work best for your industry and career.


Social media have removed the access barriers to companies, professionals, and alumni, allowing you to reach countless people in a more informal, direct, yet still professional way. Use this to your advantage!

On Twitter, follow companies, industry professionals and chats. On LinkedIn, follow companies you’ll want to work for to stay on top of their updates and any job openings. Join your industry groups and engage in the discussions to learn from and connect with professional in your field.

Starting Point: Determine which platforms your industry is using. If you feel comfortable using them, begin engaging.