Even with the growth of social networking, face-to-face contact still matter. Looking people in the eye, a firm handshake, a confident voice, and sincere tone all lead to a good first impression in both networking and interviewing.   In such a competitive job market you want to make sure you set yourself apart, having a strong network and solid interviewing skills will help you do that.  

It's important to be prepared, as you never know who you will meet. You should strive to connect with professionals in your field both in-person and online (be sure to develop a strong, positive online presence).  Don't  forget you can turn to your network for advice on interviewing, your industry, or growth opportunities.

Do you believe in making a good first impression?

ANATOMY OF A 30-SECOND PITCH. AKA ELEVATOR PITCH. What you say in your 30-second pitch is part of making that good first impression. The truth is this: The person you are pitching to is deciding how much time to spend together You need to tell this person as much about yourself in as few words as possible AND peak their interest in continuing the conversation.

• Write out your pitch—include something interesting about yourself—not just facts,
• Practice saying it out loud.
• Practice some more until it is pitch perfect .