An open-ended, resume-driven interview is a style for which you need to prepare.  It can seem casual and informal but is in every respect a real interview. An interviewer may use your resume as a guide to learning more about you. You should be well-prepared with an idea of what you want to tell the interviewer about the content of your resume as it relates to their position and work culture.

Objective:  If included, you may be asked:
  • What you know about the field you’ve chosen
  • What your professional goals and advancement plans may be.
  • Tip: Research your field to better answer these questions.

 You may be asked :
  • Why you chose Syracuse
  • Your major or any of the other details of your academic choices.  
  • Tip: These questions help an interviewer assess your career focus and decision-making, and how you achieve your goals.

 You may be asked:
  • To summarize or describe all or parts of this section.  
  • To describe duties and accomplishments and to relate them to the position, whether they be the application of certain knowledge or the demonstration of particular skills or traits that helped you achieve results.  
  • Tip: Keep in mind that the interviewer will be looking for clues that you have interpersonal, time, and task management skills.     

 You may be asked:
  • To offer specific examples if possible rather than general declarations of confidence.
  • To answer direct questions such as “Tell me about your experience with X” where X is a specific skill.  
  • Don’t hesitate to ask in return if what you describe meets their need or preference since what you learn could help you offer a stronger set of closing observations.
  • Tip: You shouldn’t have problems with these direct questions as long as you prepared for them in advance and have reviewed the position for required skills.  

Activities/Community Service:
  • These pieces of information might also help an employer see how you would fit into their work culture.  
  • Tip: Don’t include anything you aren’t ready to talk about in an interview.

The main aspect of a resume based interview is the connection between your resume and the opportunity. This is done by figuring out your responses in advance. By being ready to describe course work and projects, assignments that have yielded skills or knowledge that is likely related to the position’s needs or preferences. Be sure to know your resume to seize chances to connect your background with the position and the workplace. Offer to go into more detail if the interviewer prefers, but don’t ramble into long winded descriptions that take up precious time.

We recommend that you meet with a career counselor to discuss interviewing and setting up a practice interviews. Simply call (315) 443-3616 or visit OrangeLink. (Myslice> Student Services>Career Services> OrangeLink>Schedule an Appointment) set-up an appointment.