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Case interviews are used primarily by consulting firms to learn how your thought process unfolds when faced with problems posed by clients that fall outside traditional industry-associated situations. The resources below are general guides and information provided by some of the best known consulting firms. 

Vault Career Insider a resource with a guide to case interviews that can be downloaded.
Case Interview Training Videos (from a former case interviewer at McKinsey)
Mastering the Case Interview (from QuintZine)
Cracking the Case (from Case interview Ace)
Case-based Interviewing (podcast by an Ernst & Young recruiting manager) 

Company Pages: 

McKinsey & Co. 
Boston Consulting Group 
Bain & Co 
Ernst & Young

Next Steps:

Counselors are available for practice interviews and discussions on how these resources can be used. 

Meet with a career counselor in our office call (315) 443-3616 or visit OrangeLink. (Myslice> Student Services>Career Services> OrangeLink>Schedule an Appointment)to set-up an appointment.