Being part of the Orange Network lets you tap into amazing alumni, speakers, events, and faculty who can help guide you in your journey. Develop relationships with them and seek out their advice, because these are people you can talk to about your options after graduating and who can give you insight into career paths.  

The number of professions, career fields, and emerging industries continues to grow every year. Your career choices are virtually limitless, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Many professions you'll be find may not have existed ten years ago or are ones you haven't even heard of. But don't be alarmed: with a little bit of research, self-reflection, and analysis, you'll be able to navigate careers long after your time at Syracuse University.


Think about your values, passions, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and skills as you make decisions throughout your journey. Together, they will help you determine which opportunities are the best fit for you. 

The more people you talk to, activities you get involved in, and research you do, the more you will understand what drives you. It may seem difficult at first, but taking the time early in your time at school to identify your skills, your values, and what industry and company culture you’ll enjoy working in will make the career process less overwhelming, because it will help narrow your scope.

Some questions you can begin asking yourself are:

  • What classes have sparked my interest?
  • Have I had an internship or part-time job that I loved (or hated)?
  • Have I volunteered somewhere that resonated with me?
  • What student group can’t I imagine life without?


With so many options after graduation, it can be hard to konw what you’d like to do. Research your options by talking to professors, advisors, mentors, and alumni. You'll also want to explore different industries, career paths, and graduate programs. All this research will assist you in determining what might be a good fit for you because it will help you figure out what you like, or don’t, about various careers. 

In addition to your independent research or career conversations, consider attending workshops, lectures, and immersion experiences. These experiences will add to your knowledge bank and expose you to options you may never have considered before. Finally, interning or job shadowing can help you determine fairly quickly whether a field you had previously considered is still a good fit.


Not really sure where to begin? Are you completely lost about what motivates you?

We can help you explore more fully by talking about your options with you or by providing you with a career test. While these tests don’t have all the answers, they can be useful in helping you sort out a direction, identify your values, and even understand why you sometimes think and feel the way you do. 

Learn more about the career tests that counselors can lead you through, or schedule an appointment for one by calling (315) 443-3616.