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Alumni and parents of Syracuse University students can serve as hosts for the job shadowing program. Offered during the school breaks in March 2016, these are unpaid opportunities that vary in length, depending on student and alumni/parent availability, providing an inside look at a job, firm, career field, or industry. This is the inaugural year for the job shadowing program.

We are currently recruiting alumni/parent hosts for March 14-18, 2016, Spring Break.

Alumni/Parent hosts are expected to introduce their profession, industry and/or organization; provide a tour of the workplace; answer questions; and most importantly, allow a student to observe their daily routine.

Students are responsible for transporting themselves to and from the job shadowing site, locating and paying for any necessary lodging, researching the organization in advance of the shadowing day, and coming prepared with questions.

The specific shadowing date(s) as well as schedule of experience will be decided upon by the student and host after the selection process is complete.
Both students and alumni will be required to complete a survey after the experience is completed.

Alumni/Parent Host Registration: Alumni or parents interested in hosting a student over winter break can complete the online registration form. The application to be a host will be open through January 29 at 11:59 p.m. Hosts will be notified of a match by February 16. Students will contact alumni to finalize details of the shadowing experience, including dates of the job shadowing experience.

Student Registration: Students will complete an interest form and upload their resumes to OrangeLink for the application to be complete. The application window will be from February 8 to February 15 at 11:59 p.m. Students will be notified of a match by February 16.

Students will be required to attend one on-campus workshop to receive their matches and prepare for the job shadowing experience. Details will be shared with all applicants in advance.

Questions may be directed to the assistant director for counseling at Career Services, Tracy Tillapaugh, at or 315.443.3616.

Career Services will match hosts and students on a first-come, first served, basis. Students will be notified via email if they have been selected to shadow an alumnus by February 16. The student and alumnus will be put in contact with each other, via email,  to schedule the specific shadowing date(s). If more than one student applies for an experience, the host will determine how many and which students he or she is willing to take. Students can apply for up to three shadowing opportunities.

Suggested job shadowing experiences:

  • Give a tour of the organization
  • Shadow alumnus and/or colleagues in different departments during the day
  • Observe general office tasks, staff meetings, and/or interactions of one or more departments
  • Observe client interactions or assist clients directly, if able
  • Experience an employee demonstration of industry-specific software or tools
  • Review the organization’s website, mission, marketing collateral, organizational charts to learn more
  • Enjoy a meal with alumnus sponsor or others (typical of what staff might do if lunching together)
  • Conduct informational interviews with different employees to understand the firm, industry, future trends, and career paths within this field
  • Meet with HR staff to understand what they look for when hiring college graduates
  • Meet with additional Orange alumni who work within the organization
  • Meet a new employee to get a "fresh perspective"

The student and alumnus host should discuss the goal of the shadowing experience beforehand to ensure that both are able to reach their goals!

Host Application Form

Student Application Form

Questions may be directed to the assistant director of counseling at Syracuse University Career Services, Tracy Tillapaugh, at or 315.443.3616.