Knowing your worth is important.  Use the resources below to find the average salary for your profession in the cities of your choice.
For example: What's the going rate for a marketing professional in New York City versus the same position in Houston?

  • NACE Salary Calculator This Salary Calculator program will ask you for information relating to your education, employment history, and other factors in order to create the most accurate compensation and employment guidance available.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook A source to consult for general information on salaries for specific careers.
  • Career Onestop / America's Career InfoNet Search for state and national salary information using occupational types.
  • Jobstar A guide to recent information and profession-specific data.
  • A guide to many issues connected to salaries, including information about salaries in specific geographic locations. 
  • This site offers salary information for specific employers.
  • Pay Salary information plus other career elements.
  • Salary Search The salary section of this job search engine.
  • Pay Check City A site featuring a number of salary calculators.
  • Relocation Salary Calculator Offered through, this calculator draws on information furnished by Other calculators are available for cost-of-living, relocation and related issues.
  • The Riley Guide to Job and Career Resources on the Internet
  • State labor departments.  Local offices frequently maintain a Labor Statistics Division that monitors earnings in specific geographic areas as well as information on the supply and demand for many occupations. Such offices are listed in the government section of phone books, and may have information online.
  • Specialized salary surveys. Finding survey information on specific fields takes some effort. If released for the public, survey results are frequently summarized by certain publications, i.e. large newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, and trade periodicals. Professional associations occasionally make salary information available as well.