We’ve collected several job search sites into one place so that you can easily find relevant resources for your internship search. In addition to these resources, there are many more available right at your googling fingertips!

Feel free to set up an appointment with a career counselor (315.443.3616 or via Handshake) if you have questions about any of these sites, or if you’d like to discuss your job search strategy.

(Click on a topic below for a sampling of resources.)


Several general job search engines  are below to aid in your job search:

  • Handshake The site used by Syracuse University to manage campus recruiting, job and internship postings for current students, and more.
  • LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn Jobs provides insights such as whom you know at a company, the team you might be working with and more providing you an edge in your job search.
  • Monster College Includes job openings targeted by employers to university students.
  • Career Rookie The student-focused part of the larger Career Builder job board.
  • College Grad Job Hunter Particularly valuable for its full access to the highly recommended book by the same title.
  • College A site aimed at students.
  • Another site for students.
  • CareerJet An international job search engine that encompasses over 50 countries, featuring separate interfaces that are translated into 20 languages.
  • College Job Bank A top-rated site with postings and other valuable features.
  • After College This site lists positions for many levels of students and promotes special features for student groups.
  • USA Jobs The main gateway site for finding Federal employment. Students should also view sites for specific departments and agencies since not all positions get listed at this site.
  • Cool Works A great site for summer and seasonal work.
  • Not a job board but a job search engine that identifies and displays postings from employer sites, recruiters, and many job boards as a result of key word and/or job titles input by the job seeker in the Advanced Search function.
  • Jobwire From the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).  
  • LinkUp Another job search engine.
  • Idealist Wide-ranging site featuring jobs and other resources related to the non-profit sector.
  • SimplyHired An engine with the benefit of connecting companies with your LinkedIn network.


Social Media can be used to identify job and internship postings, because organizations increasingly post opportunities to social media outlets.
  • LinkedIn allows you to "follow” certain companies, and you can receive weekly job postings directly to your email inbox.
  • Follow official company accounts on Twitter to be the first to find out about new jobs and internships. If you’re targeting a specific location or industry, consider following job aggregator accounts as well.


One of the most valuable aspects of your Syracuse University education is the vast network of alumni who are incredibly passionate about SU and are anxious to help you while you’re still in school and long after graduation.

SUccess in the City  Networking events take place in nine different cities across the U.S. every summer. Our established alumni in those cities welcome new graduates (and students too) and offer career advice.

SU alumni club. Join where you live. Chances are good that there’s an SU alumni club within driving distance. Club events offer great networking opportunities. Gather to watch an SU game and you may leave with a new job prospect!

’CuseConnect. A LinkedIn group for alumni who love SU as much as you do. Join the group and take part in relevant career discussions, message fellow members directly (but never ask for a job outright!), and keep an eye on the “Jobs” tab for opportunities that other members want you to know about.

#HireOrange. When our alumni want to hire an SU student or fellow grad, we’ll use #HireOrange on Twitter! Keep an eye on that hashtag for opportunities within the Orange family. View career profiles on our YouTube channel, SU Career Services, for dozens of videos featuring our alumni and other resources. Perhaps you’ll discover a career path you never knew existed!

@WorkingOrange.  Follow @WorkingOrange on Twitter. It's job shadowing, Twitter style! The account features alumni guest tweeters who share their days with you. You can learn all about new and interesting career paths. Be sure to tweet lots of questions their way!


Resources for job seekers looking to #StayinCNY:


Do you have wanderlust and want to know what the international job market is like? The resources below are just for you.

International Job Search Engines

  • Riley Guide: Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim Regional, as well as country-specific job boards and related resources. Also includes international agencies and NGO's.
  • Riley Guide: Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America Job listings and other related resources for assistance.
  • Was conceptualized to provide a one-stop information center for students wishing to travel internationally. The site was created to link prospective travelers with organizations providing international opportunities.
  • Also has country-specific sites for: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
  • International Organization Careers Connects U.S. citizens with jobs abroad via the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO).
  • Quintessential Careers: Global and Worldwide Job Resources Links to regional job search resources across the world.
  • Transitions Abroad: Guide to Long-Term Jobs Abroad Links to resources for all kinds of international employment.
  • Going Global. Log into your OrangeLink (Myslice> Student Services>Career Services> OrangeLink) account and click on Going Global on the main student view. This voluminous resource includes lots of information on working in a country other than one's home.  Country profiles include resume/CV writing and job searching resources.
  • Eluta A unique search engine that specializes in finding new full-time job opportunities posted by employers in Canada. The search engine provides a high quality search experience by using proprietary algorithms, technology and human editing to connect job-seekers directly with employers, bypassing traditional job boards.
  • Eurograduate Careers Database Job postings as well as information about job search techniques in the European Union.

Work / Exchange Programs

Teaching Abroad

Articles and Insights


Sometimes students decide to take a year off after graduation between either graduate school or entering the workforce to explore potential careers, build new skills, travel, volunteer or just have an adventure! Below are several short-term options you can explore:

General Resources for Public Service

  • Idealist Wide ranging site featuring jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and other resources related to the non-profit sector.
  • ServeNet This site has more than 6,000 registered non-profit organizations, 35,000+ service projects and over 52,000,000 volunteer opportunities available, the largest database of volunteer opportunities in America.

Specific Options for Public Service

Scholarships and Fellowships

Adventure Jobs

Jobs with resorts, cruise ships, national parks and more

Specific "channels" for environment, art, seasonal and other opportunities


Employers are committed to having their work forces reflect the diversity in the overall population and consequently establish channels through which this diversity can be achieved.  This collection of resources is intended to assist the following groups to gain access to opportunities:

Persons With Disabilities

International Students
  • My Visa An especially valuable compilation of information including lists of employers with past records of sponsorship activity that are searchable using industry and geographic criteria.
  • Going Global: access via your OrangeLink account and click on Going Global on the main student view. This voluminous resource includes many kinds of information on working in a country other than one's home, and includes information on H1B sponsoring employers in a database that is searchable geographically or by industry.  Additional country profiles include resume/CV writing and job searching resources for students focused anywhere in the world.
  • International Job Opportunities An extensive collection of country by country resources provided by the wide ranging Riley Guide to Job Opportunities and Career Resources on the Internet.
  • Asian Life Job board with career fairs and other resources.
  • GoldSea A multi-faceted site aimed at Asian Americans
  • Asian Positions for bilingual persons with English and Asian language proficiency.

LGBT Students 

Multicultural Students