The Mark and Pearle Clements Internship Awards are intended to enable Syracuse University students to undertake unique internships that wouldn't be possible without financial help. Clements Interns will usually spend one summer away from the University, working under the guidance and supervision of an expert who can help them connect their academic learning to real world application.

The Clements Awards typically range from $1,500 to $6,000. There are usually several awards available each year. The award may be used to pay for internship-related travel, living expenses, and required materials, but may not, in most cases, be used to pay for salaries, stipends, or tuition. See Clements FAQs for more.


Applicants are responsible for obtaining their own internships and should make initial contact arrangements with a representative of the proposed internship site before applying for a Clements Internship Award. They do NOT need to have final confirmation of the position before applying for the Clements Award, however applicants must get confirmation of the internship offer before any money will be released to them. 

Each Clements application must have the support of a Syracuse University faculty member who agrees that the proposal complements the student’s academic program and who is willing to act as academic "sponsor" of the proposed internship. A sponsor must have knowledge and expertise in the subject area of the proposed internship.

Academic credit may be earned for these internships, but is not required. If the internship is to be for academic credit, students are responsible for registering their internships for credit and for meeting any associated tuition costs.

The awards may be used during the upcoming summer or fall semester.  Internships must be confirmed no later than April 1st of the previous semester unless special arrangements are made through Career Services.


Full-time matriculated sophomore, junior, senior and master’s level students from all schools and colleges of Syracuse University are eligible to apply for a Clements Internship Award.

Previous recipients of the Clements Internship Award may not apply.

Doctoral students are inelligible.


Deadline: Friday, February 1, 2019

To apply you must attach IN PDF FORMAT the following 6 documents with your application in Handshake by February 1, 2019:


Attach individual PDFs for the following documents:

  • Current resume - attach PDF as a "Resume"
  • Unofficial advising transcript (saved from MySlice) - attach PDF as a "Transcript"

Combine the following documents into one PDF and attach to application as "Other Documents:"

  • Personal Data Sheet with identifying details related to you and to your proposed internship site
  • Budget Form
  • Internship Proposal in detailed paragraph-form, described in Clements FAQs
  • Letter of support from your Syracuse faculty or staff sponsor (Your sponsor should have familiarity with your work, character, and career interests and be able to speak to your ability to learn in the internship setting. The letter of support should contain the sponsor’s views on the significance of the proposed internship to your academic program and career interests).


The Clements Award is a competitive award. To be considered, follow the suggestions below.

  • Application: Clarity, correctness, and completeness of application.
  • Creativity: Creativity and originality of the internship plan. Is the internship unique?
  • Educational value: Benefit to student as internship builds upon her/his education, and extent to which the opportunity links theory to practice.
  • Feasibility: Likelihood that the internship can be arranged, confirmed, and successfully completed.