Congratulations on your new internship!  Now it's time to get everything else in order...making usre you have a place to stay, that you know how you will get to work, and you have the money you need to have a successful internhip.


Do you have a dream internship and you're struggling with how to pay for it?

You're in luck! Syracuse University students can apply for the following funding opportunities: 

•    Mark and Pearle Clements Internship Awards
•    Robert B. Menschel Public Service Internship Award supports undergraduate students who are working in the not-for-profit world 
•    SU Alumni Club’s Summer in Washington, DC Scholarship 
•    Center for Fellowship and Scholarship Advising 
You can also find a comprehensive list of funding opportunities via Michigan State University Library.


Are you struggling with where to live while at your summer internship? Did you know that there is housing options available at many metro areas exclusively for students doing internships?

A small sampling below...

Los Angeles, CA

Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY

Washington, DC

Boston, MA


While Career Services does not provide transportation for local internships, we do recommend the following options:

The Shaw Center Transportation 

The Shaw Center, in concert with Parking & Transit and the Department of Public Safety, facilitates transportation of Syracuse University student volunteers into nearby areas of the city for service learning, tutoring and designated student teaching placements that are not within walking distance or on a public bus route. 

To request transportation:

  • ​Determine where and when you need transportation;
  • Come into the Shaw Center office, 237 Schine Student Center, to complete one of the color coded request forms for each day of the week you require transportation; 
  • You will then be given a calendar and instructions for rider responsibilities, including directions on how to access the schedules which are posted daily;
  • Transportation requests/forms must be completed at least two business days in advance of anticipated travel. 


Centro provides transportation to the Central New York region. Review CENTRO's schedule when determining your transportation needs. CENTRO's services also include the Connective Corridor which opporates throuch Syracuse University 


Is your internship unpaid? Or, not paid enough?

If so, there is always an opportunity to negotiate perks. Some employers have provided their interns with alternate payment methods, also known as perks.  Perks can come in many forms, ranging from extravagant to modest means.

Some perks you may want to consider as part of the negation are:

  • Free Lunches
  • Stipends
  • Travel Stipends
  • Bonuses
  • Parking
  • Tickets to Events
  • Professional Development or Training Opportunities
  • Housing
  • Paying for School Credit
  • Free products