The form below is to be used if the organization you are doing your internship with requests a letter from Syracuse University regarding your internship.  The 3 types of letters requested are:  

1.  A Letter of Eligibility confirms you are eligible to receive credit when applying to internship.

2.  A Letter of Support is used to show that Syracuse University supports your non-credit internship experience. This letter is not for employers requiring academic credit.

3.  A Letter of Credit confirms that you are in the process of registering your internship for credit.

To register the internship for academic credit, you’ll need to: 
o    Complete the internship proposal form: http://www.syr.edu/registrar/forms/Internship_Proposal-Agreement.pdf
o    Register your internship on Career Services’ database –OrangeLink, accessed via MySlice  
o    Secure a faculty sponsor knowledgeable in the subject area of the internship to oversee the learning for academic credit
o    There is no fall or spring tuition charge, but there is a charge for summer tuition per credit 

If you have questions, contact one of our Internship Coordinators at ccintps@syr.edu or 315.443.3616.

Determine which letter meets your needs and complete the form below for: Letter of Credit, Letter of Support, Letter of Eligibility.