Changes to Internship for Credit Process

As of May 7, 2018, each of Syracuse University’s schools and colleges are now handling internship activities. For internship-related questions, including the internship credit process, verification letters, eligibility, internship searches and more, please refer to the contact list below for your school or college.

Internship Contact List:


The application process varies slightly according to the type of internship for which you are applying. All academic credit internships need the support of a professor who will act as a faculty sponsor. Your faculty sponsor should be from a department in the subject area of your internship. See below for information on the process, forms needed, and steps required to register your internship. 

Unsure about your internship eligibility? Visit our internship eligibilty page or your home college.


Find a faculty sponsor, a teaching faculty member from a department in the subject area of your internship.  

  • The faculty sponsor should be knowledgeable in the subject area of the internship.
  • He/she can be a full or part-time faculty member as long as they have a faculty appointment.
  • You may not choose a TA or GA. Depending on your program, adjunct professors may or may not serve as faculty sponsors for credit internships.

Responsibilities of a faculty sponsor include:

  • Assisting the student in determining the learning objectives, goals, activities and tasks of the internship, which should be included in the internship proposal form.
  • Being available to provide guidance throughout the duration of the internship.
  • Using assignments and evaluations to arrive at a final grade for the student’s experience.