Application processes vary slightly according to the type of internship for which you are applying. All academic credit internships need the support of a professor, who acts as a faculty sponsor. Your faculty sponsor should be from a department in the subject area of your internship. See below for information on the process, forms needed, and steps required to register your internship. 

Questions can always be directed to us by phone at (315) 443-3616, in person at 235 Schine Student Center, or by emailing

Unsure about your internship eligibility? Visit our internship eligibilty page, your home college, or Career Services.


Find a faculty sponsor, a teaching faculty member from a department in the subject area of your internship.  

  • The faculty sponsor should be knowledgeable in the subject area of the internship.
  • He/she can be a full or part-time faculty member as long as they have a faculty appointment.
  • You may not choose a TA or GA. Depending on your program, adjunct professors may or may not serve as faculty sponsors for credit internships.

Responsibilities of a faculty sponsor include:

  • Assisting the student in determining the learning objectives, goals, activities and tasks of the internship, which should be included in the internship proposal form.
  • Being available to provide guidance throughout the duration of the internship.
  • Using assignments and evaluations to arrive at a final grade for the student’s experience.


Download the official internship proposal form from the Registrar’s web site at if you don’t already have it. (It’s also available in hard copy at Career Services, 235 Schine.)

Fill in as much of the form as you can and discuss the content with your faculty sponsor. Once the form has been approved by your sponsor and has been signed, obtain signatures from your academic advisor and department chair. If you are not on campus, ask your faculty sponsor if they would be willing to obtain the academic advisor and department chair signatures for you.

Once the proposal has been approved and signed, bring it to Career Services in 235 Schine and we will get the home college signature for you.


Before the internship can be registered, we ask that you enter OrangeLink (our career portal) and complete the form once more. 

Log in to OrangeLink (

  • Once you’re at your home page in OrangeLink on the right-hand side of the page, select “Register A Credit/SOM301 Internship”.
  • In Experiential Learning, click “Add New”.
  • Complete the requested information and SUBMIT. We will then be able to see your information online.

It could take 1-3 weeks for your course registration to appear on MySlice. Please check MySlice regularly.