Syracuse University Career Services can help connect your dots, from your first year through your last, and beyond.  With a team focused on helping you discover your passions, explore your options, build skills, and make connections, we can assist you in discovering who you want to be and where you want to go.  We will meet you where you are, whether you have a plan or not. 

To access any of these services, please visit Suite 235 in Schine or call 315.443.3616

Career Counseling

During an hour-long appointment or a 15-Minute Drop-In, we can help you:
  • Establish a sense of direction;
  • Explore majors and career paths;
  • Brainstorm options and further explore your skills, interests, values, and concerns;
  • Develop an internship or job search strategy
  • Make decisions about majors, internships, or job offers; and
  • Navigate networking resources to expand your knowledge aboutyour career possibilities.

15 Minute Drop-Ins are quick meetings, we can review your resume, cover letter, and other quick concerns. Please remember to bring hard copies of all your documents.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

We can assist you in preparing documents to apply for jobs or graduate school. We do this during 15 Minute Drop-Ins, please remember to bring hard copies of all your documents.

Internship & Job Search

Not sure what you'd like to do, or where to start looking for internships or jobs? We can help you think about possibilities and search both locally and nationally. We can also help you develop a search plan by:

  • Navigating resources;
  • Helping you connect with alumni and employers;
  • Determining your strengths, skills, interests, and workplace preferences;
  • Alerting you to events, programs, or opportunities that may be a fit; and,
  • Preparing your documents.

Career Tests

We offer a wide range of career assessments to help you explore majors and career paths, and determine which career directions might prove rewarding for you as an individual.

Some tools we offer are"

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • True Colors

And many more, Learn about all our tools through our Self-discovery Tools page.

Interview Prep

Interviewing can be hard and takes practice!

We can help you plan your approach, prepare for questions, understand interview etiquette, and help you practice interviewing to simulate the actual experience. Through a practice interview we canl provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses.  Practice interviews can be video-taped as well.

Networking & Social Media Help

We can help you:

  • Establish a network
  • Practice networking
  • Connect with alumni and employers
  • Develop and polish your LinkedIn profile
  • Determine which social paltforms your industry is using and a plan to begin engaging

Graduate School Planning

We can help you:

  • Work on your personal statement;
  • Narrow down your school selection;
  • Gather information;
  • Connect with alumni and current students at the schools you're exploring; and
  • Related topics.

Ph.D. and Grad Student Counseling

We can help you:

  • Refine and polish academic and non-academic materials
  • Create cover letters, statements of teaching philosophy, and other documents
  • Prepare for Skype, on-campus, and other forms of interviews
  • Overcome writers' block with dissertation and thesis progress
  • Strategize and conduct job searches

Alumni and Employer Connections

Connect with alumni and employer mentors in the career field you've always dreamed of, in the city you want to live.  Find out first-hand how they succeeded and what advice they have to share. 

We can help you connect with alumni and employers through:

  • LinkedIn and 'CuseConnect
  • Information sessions and Meets & Greets
  • Alumni Speaker Series
  • @WorkingOrange

Career Fairs, Workshops, "How-To's"

Events we host are:

  • Career Fairs
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Information Sessions/Meet & Greets
  • Workshops on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, etc
  • Events (e.g. Business Smarts, First Generation Ph.D., Out at Work)
  • Employer Events
  • and many more!

These events are great opportunities to connect with alumni and employers to explore career paths and gather more information. As well, as learn about opportunities you can apply to. 

On-Campus Interviewing

We connect and work with employers from various and diverse fields and help them connect with you.

Each semester employers come to campus to interview students for full-time and internship opportunities.  On-Campus Interview opportunities are posted in OrangeLink, our online database to help you connect with employers, internships, and jobs.

Check OrangeLink frequently—new opportunities can be entered at any time.

October and February are peak interviewing times. Be sure you don’t miss your dream employer’s deadlines.



Handshake is our online database to help you connect with employers, internships, and jobs.

Visit and login with your netid and password!

WHY USE Handshake?

  • There are 6,000+ national and international internship and job postings annually.
  • Main resource for over 300,000 employers to share internship and job opportunities.
  • Learn about on-campus interviewing announcements and online resume application processes coordinated through our office.
  • Register for employer presentations and information sessions.
  • Gain information about career fairs, workshops, and other career-related events.

Check Handshake frequently—new opportunities can be entered at any time.

Student Group & Classroom Workshops

We love meeting with student groups and presenting to classes. 

We have provided workshops on:

  • Resume/cover letter building
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Social media and branding
  • Internships
  • LinkedIn
  • Graduate school planning
  • Life after college
  • and many more

We can customize a program for your organization based on your needs. 

Click here to request a workshop or presentation for your student organization, fraternity/sorority, residence hall floor, or class.